Pesky Details

ANZ Business Banking Manager Fred Ohlsson, announcing the launch of another business plan competition (emphasis mine):

“Nearly all the business ideas we see are great, however sometimes people haven’t always thought through and covered off all the details like how they will get paid or researching if there is a genuine market for their product or service.”

Pesky details!

By the way, I recommend the competition to every start-up founder who values their time at zero – if you’re selected as one of the regional winners your prize is $1000 cash, $1000 of services from “website and social media experts” and $1000 of legal advice (how many 6 minute units is that I wonder?)

I suppose this sort of reality TV approach is how we choose pop stars these days, so why not start-ups too!

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2 thoughts on “Pesky Details”

  1. I note the $30000 main prize is also tied to approval of the spend by “The Small Business Company.”

    It all just smells terrible, which is sad as I am sure everyone means well.

    1. Rowan and Lance can either of you call me about your comments (021 356634) or send me your cell numbers so I can call you? I don’t think you quite get what we are tryin to do, and your comments don’t really help us encourage business planning in any form. Do you know what The Small Business Company role is, or the MED and Regional Partner Network? Are you aware of what we actually do as a company? Blogging has limits so I’m happy to talk to you direct and answer any questions you may have. Regards. Glen Senior. CEO. The Small Business Company.

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