Dear Old People,

You need to understand that a cozy retirement is not an entitlement for you, any more than free education or affordable housing (you will remember both of those, I’m sure).

Here is the problem in very plain language: there are too many of you and not enough of us.

Please sort your own shit out.


Generation X, Y & Z

2 thoughts on “Dear Old People,”

  1. p.s. Increasing the age of eligibility so slowly that you’ve all retired in time makes no dent in the problem, but is still better than denial. Also, no GST on fresh fruit and vegetables, as part of the solution – are you joking?

  2. Dear young person. Like you say, there are more of us, and your generation(s) are particularly poor at participating in these election thingys… so it looks like we’ll get our say for at least a little while longer yet. Also, if we don’t get our cozy retirements we’ll not be leaving you anything when we are gone now, will we? And’ we’ll probably be wanting to move in instead of trying to subsist on catfood and an extra warm blanket. How would you like them apples?

    Buck up your ideas, Johnny. When I was a lad we had to walk 100 miles in the snow just to get to school, and we were thankful. We bloody well earned our right to guzzle oil, speculate on property and throw our money down the finance companies. Christ, you didn’t think that loan for the Nissan Silvia and LED TV came *completely* out of thin air, did you?

    Just look at you with your iPad and complex derivatives. You don’t even know you are born. Feeling hard done by? I’m sure there’s an ap for that.

    Bloody hippy.

    Love and cuddles,
    B Boomer.

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