Sooner is over. It’s later already.

Next week this blog will be six years old. These days I don’t write nearly as often as I used to, despite best intentions. However, here are three posts from the last year which I’m proud of:

And, a bonus guest post series by Sacha Judd:

It’s also now four years since I started tweeting. Here are some favourite tweets from the last 12 months:

I went for a run in Central Park and didn’t get mugged even once. #nikeplus
12 January

Returning to NZ after visiting developing countries is depressing: we live in a clean underpopulated paradise and still we frown and moan
17 February

If only everybody working on creating an innovation ecosystem would work on/with one company of their own. Then we’d have an ecosystem.
21 March

When you say “we need to celebrate our successes more” I hear “viva la inequality”.
5 April

Time to replace present continuous with perfect: winter has come. #brrrrrr
6 June

Just getting shit done shouldn’t be a competitive advantage … but it nearly always is.
29 June

Post-funding equation for start-ups: adjust your reality to match perceptions before perceptions adjust to match your reality.
5 July

Found our iPad hidden under the kids pillow tonight. Swapped it for a $1 and will blame the tooth fairy in the morning. #cruel
25 July

Startup Busking v. Repeatedly pitching to angel investors, in an effort to raise immaterial amounts of capital.
14 November

A startup celebrating getting funded is like a mountain climber celebrating reaching the summit. As Ed Hillary said, it’s a return journey.
4 December

I’m @rowansimpson on Twitter if you want to follow along next year.

In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays. See you on the other side!