Schizophrenic DJ

What do you call it when you play Duelling DJs by yourself? [1] Inspired by this awesome clip, I decided to try and make it all the way from New York State Of Mind to Greatest American Hero this morning. Here’s how I did:

  1. New York State Of Mind, Billy Joel
  2. Empire State Of Mind, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
  3. Numb Encore, Jay-Z & Linkin Park
  4. Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd
  5. My Mind’s Sedate, Shihad
  6. The Drugs Don’t Work, Verve
  7. Girlfriend In A Coma, Smiths
  8. Girl I’m Gonna Miss You, Milli Vanilli
  9. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, Aerosmith
  10. Walk This Way, Aerosmith/Run DMC
  11. I Walk Away, Crowded House
  12. Freedom, Rage Against The Machine
  13. Free Fallin’, Tom Petty
  14. I Believe I Can Fly, R Kelly
  15. Believe It Or Not (Greatest American Hero), Joey Scarbury

Boom! There are obviously an infinite number of paths between two points, so let’s see your suggestions in the comments below. Can you beat 15 steps? And, if that doesn’t motivate me to write more frequently here, in order to move this off the front page, then surely nothing else will. :-D [1] credit to Layton for the name

3 thoughts on “Schizophrenic DJ”

  1. Not sure if this breaks any rules, but you could get there fairly quickly through Sinatra:
    1) New York state of mind
    2) New York New York (Sinatra)
    3) America the Beautiful (Sinatra – cover. Patriotic.)
    4) I’m a real American (Hulk Hogan’s theme. Patriotic, hero, TV link. performed by Rick Derringer.)
    5) Greatest American Hero (TV theme)

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