About Rowan


Chair at Hoku
Investor & Director at Timely
Investor & Director at Atomic
Investor & Advisor at ThisData
Investor at XeroVend, Fishpond and SMX


Chair & Director at Vend, 2009-2015
Independent Director at Powershop, 2012-2015
Head of Product Strategy at Xero, 2007-2008 (IPO on NZX in 2007)
Head of Software Development & Product at Trade Me, 2000-2007 (acquired by Fairfax in 2006, NZ$750m)
Founder at Flathunt.co.nz, 1999 (acquired by Trade Me in 2000)

Investor at Sonar6, 2007 (acquired by Cornerstone On Demand in 2012)
Founder/Partner at Southgate Labs (the team behind Triage)


Rowan is an early investor in high-growth technology companies. He is passionate about creating great products that people love to use.

Rowan has been involved as an investor, advisor and employee in a number of iconic high-growth technology businesses in New Zealand, including Trade Me, Xero and Vend. He was one of the original investors in Timely, Atomic and ThisData (previously Revert), and continues to work closely with the founders of all of these businesses.

Prior to all of this, Rowan completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington.

Rowan proudly lives in New Zealand with his wife and two sons.

Contact Details

Rowan Simpson
PO Box 3210
New Zealand