Trade Me Manifesto

In a series of blog posts first published on this site during September & October 2007 I tried to answer this straight forward question:

What makes Trade Me so successful?

The result was the Trade Me Manifesto and included ten simple points.

These are not trade secrets. They are in fact all sensible and obvious ideas, although not as common as they might be.

I thought it was important to write these down and share, so that others could apply them to the sites they work on.


Trade Me Manifesto

7 thoughts on “Trade Me Manifesto”

  1. Hey Rowen

    I have to say that the Trade Me Manifesto
    is Simple, concise and to the point. I agree that these are common sense Ideas. If more companies applied such a manifesto
    to conducting business and placing people first there would be greater success in the world. You have obviously accomplished this. Great stuff I wish you the greatest success.
    Matthew D.
    Founder TFPGroup
    St.John’s NL

  2. Can you please create a proxy website that i can use at school or give me a list that I could try?

  3. A thoroughly positive read. Every few months I drop by and benefit from the open and positive nature of this site.
    The Trade Me Manifesto is a great reminder of key topics to keep in focus.

    Kind regards,


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