We’re in the money


Why does the Powerball Jackpot max out at $30 million?

On a normal week they sell 1.5 million tickets.  Last week, when the jackpot was $24 million, they sold 2.5 million tickets.  This week they sold 3.5 million tickets, worth $33 million.  

So, it seems that a big jackpot is good for sales. 

Why not let the fun continue if nobody wins? Let the amount get REALLY BIG!

Also, for what it’s worth, and appreciating that maths is the LAST thing people think about when they buy a Lotto ticket, a quick calculation…

No doubt there were lots of people who don’t normally buy a Lotto ticket, but did this week.

However, the prize this week was 25% more than last week, but there were 40% more tickets sold, so the already low odds were actually much lower this week than last!


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What would you do?

In national news today:

Family claims largest ever Lotto prize

They won the $19m Powerball jackpot over the weekend.

The parents have said that they wish to remain anonymous.

The son said he thinks he’ll buy an Aston Martin.

One of them is wrong, I guess!

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