The elevator test

I think this is a nice way to collect your thoughts about a new idea.

If you can’t explain it clearly using this model then the idea probably needs to be simplified.

Just fill in the blanks …

For [target customer]
Who [statement of the need or opportunity]
The [product name] is a [product category]
That [key benefit, compelling reason to buy]
Unlike [primary competitive alternative]
Our product [statement of primary differentiation]

So, have a go.

Let’s hear how you describe what you’re currently working on.

5 thoughts on “The elevator test”

  1. For: the internet
    Who: the bored
    The: isometric is a online world
    That: doesnt require a download
    Unlike: secondlife
    Our product: is heelarious!

  2. I saw this when you posted it and have had a note to have a go – found some time tonight.

    For: Business owners and investors.

    Who: Want to understand the value of a business (either public or private).

    Valuecruncher is launching an on-line interactive valuation tool (version 2.0 of the product – 1.0 is currently selling).

    That: Makes the business valuation techniques of the professionals accessable to all with an interactive interface.

    Unlike: “The Experts”, investment bankers and accountants, that charge expert prices and produce complex reports that are hard for anyone but other experts to follow and that overshoot the requirements of most users.

    Our Product: Uses the same valuation frameworks (simplified) as “The Experts” but at 1/10th the price (free for listed companies) with a simple on-line (AJAX) interface that allows users to visualise the valuation and play “what if” with the key inputs.

    That is an interesting challenge – which makes you think about the always overly complex way we communicate the projects that we are working on.

  3. Thanks for the tip and nudge in this direction. Considering what I just emailed you about the complexity of our idea/plan, I have high hopes for simplfying things. I am about to try it out. Cheers!

  4. Hi Rowan, I have just stumbled upon this site and have read alot of your articles! I thank you for publishing them!
    My business is slowly picking up but sometimes it’s nice to read articles like your to know and reinforce that I am on the right track and it does take time and of course to remember patience!!!

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