Browser stats for May

June 11, 2007

Sam sent through the latest Trade Me browser stats (for May ’07):

Browser Market Share
IE 6 51.3%
IE 7 29.9%
Firefox 2.0 9.2%
Firefox 1.5 3.9%
Safari 2.1%
Firefox 1.0 1.1%
Others 2.1%

It’s interesting to compare these to previous months: February ’07 and December ’06.

After growing from nothing to 30% market share in the first few months of the year IE 7 has now totally stalled. It seems that everybody who is going to get the new version via Windows Update already has.

IE 6 is hanging in there at around 51%. Presumably all of these people have either disabled Windows Update, work for somebody who has disabled Windows Update or are using an illegitimate copy of Windows.

Perhaps, as Robert McLaw suggested in a recent post about compromised web servers, Microsoft’s policy of not patching pirated copies of Windows is actually causing them more problems than it is solving?

In other browser news, the first beta of Netscape 9 was released last week. I was surprised to find there still was a Netscape, to be honest. I’m not entirely sure why they are bothering.