#2: Be like electricity

September 17, 2007

A great website needs to be like electricity:

We invest in people and infrastructure to ensure that the site is always available and as fast as we can make it.

It can always be faster.

Every time we find a way to make the site faster we see a corresponding increase in usage. This suggests there is latent demand. In other words, people would use Trade Me more if it was faster still.

We realise that many of our users have very slow internet connections, small monitors and old browsers. Creating a site that is usable even for these people is a major driver of loyalty.

We like Peter Blake’s mantra: “Does it make the boat go faster?”

We’re not scared to remove functionality from the website where it’s just getting in the way.

We realise keeping things lightweight and simple often doesn’t come naturally, so we try to bake this into our processes.

While complex technical solutions are often more interesting they are also generally much more difficult to get right. We prefer to not take this risk. We try to keep things simple and clean up as we go.

We agonise over seemingly small details to ensure that the site is easy to use (see #4: Empathise).

As Albert Einstein said: “Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler”

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