#6: Talk straight

September 26, 2007

We can’t hide.

When we make changes to the site they are immediately visible.

When it is offline for any reason, people notice. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

When we change our pricing or add and remove features this affects users, so it’s fair to expect they will have an opinion.

We should expect to defend and justify every decision and action in public - in the newspapers, on the television, on the radio and on the messageboards.

We should expect anything we write in an email or say on the phone to be published.

But, this doesn’t mean we should be quiet.

We like “The Cluetrain Manifesto”.

We choose to be part of the conversation.

However, we don’t feel we have to smother every discussion with our 2c worth.

We much prefer that people criticise us directly than do it behind our backs (where we may not hear).

When we’re talking to customers we shouldn’t pretend that the website is better than it is. We should take the opportunity to understand what we could do better (see #4: Empathise).

We believe that openness and honesty creates a culture of trust.

We can’t hide, so we shouldn’t try.

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