I see that Rod has picked his theme for 2008.

Here’s mine: less.

For starters …

There is plenty of scope here I reckon. And I’m interested in your suggestions.

If there are others you can contribute to this list feel free add your comment below.

11 thoughts on “De-clutter”

  1. “Remove the time wasters and bullies from your life so you can concentrate on the relationships that make your life better.”

    Now that is some good advice.

    My addition would be to try and distil the points above (following the less theme!)…

    Life is short. Don’t waste it on people or things that distract you from enjoying it. (And don’t assist others to waste theirs).

    Happy New year to you and the family!

  2. My husband always tells me that before I can concentrate on decluttering the house I need to declutter my mind which sounds all well and good, but I cannot find any info on how to accomplish that….so needless to say I am wallowing in clutter. HELP!!!!!!

  3. Very nice list. I heard a quote years ago that really hit home with me, so I thought I’d share. It was “If you want something good to come into your life, you have to make room for it.”

  4. I like the list.
    This is for Casey – if you have difficulty decluttering your mind, then go ahead and declutter your house anyway. It will probably have an effect on your mind too.
    Oh, and consuming less or even no refined sugar (and other refined carbs) has the effect of clearing the mind of the fog.

  5. Being a person who is passionate about our most valuable commodity, time , and the wasting there of. I have a sign in my office that is in keeping with this thread, simple but true
    “Organization allows me to Achieve more in the Time I have”

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