16km of hope, 5km of truth

December 28, 2007

I’m just a week away from my second half Ironman, this time in Tauranga.

I’ve found the figurative monkey suit at the back of the wardrobe and have been wearing it proudly over the last couple of month (my apologies to all of those people that I’ve struggled to make time for during that time as a consequence - including all of the readers of this blog).

I was sent this great Mark Watson quote. He was the announcer at the finish line in Rotorua when I finished my first half this time last year, about the 21km run that is the third/last leg of the race. It definitely rings true for me:

The half marathon is 16km of hope followed by 5km of truth.

Ask me again on the 6th of Jan and I’ll fill you in on my new version of the “truth”.