If nobody complains …

Thanks to everybody who took time to comment on my Fairy Tale Pricing post from last week.

I asked what other pricing techniques have you seen or used.

There were lots of great suggestions, including:

  • Paul’s cash back offer
  • Ben’s “give away the razor/printer, then skin ‘em alive on the blades/ink”
  • Julian’s product bundling (there is a whole ‘nother post for me to write at some point about Trade Me’s very effective “Feature Combo” bundle); and
  • Andrew’s “3 for the price of 2”, last but not least.

But, the winner of the book, by majority decision, is MikeE with this:

“Back when I worked at a paintball field (I was like 14), we firmly believed that if the customers weren’t complaining about price, you obviously weren’t charging enough.

Seems to work pretty well, if customers are happy with the price, keep uping it untill you get complaints.. you’ve now got the optimum price point ;-)”

Evil … but exactly what I was after.

Thanks to Fishpond.co.nz for supplying the prize. :-)

4 thoughts on “If nobody complains …”

  1. I recall hearing of a pricing strategy whereby you keep putting your prices up until you loose 10 percent of your customers (or sales) as a result of the rises.

    Total income should increase (assuming the lost customers don’t account for a disproportionate amount of your sales), and you will probably be getting rid of customers that cost a lot to service due to their high need for customer support (those that complain about price tend to complain about other things etc).

  2. Great stuff. Pricing is always a tricky issue and this is the perfect “one line” answer.

    Increase it until they complain–brilliant!

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