The Order of New Zealand

October 14, 2008

As a country, what do we reward?

Take a look at the list of the current members of the Order of New Zealand, which is our country’s highest public honour:

There are plenty of politicians: two former Prime Ministers, three other former Members of Parliament, and two former Governors General.  

There are artists, including an author, a poet, a potter, and an opera singer.

There are those who have been involved in community work.

There is a trade unionist, a doctor, an architect, a lawyer and a judge, a church minister and a theologian.

There is even an All Black and an Olympic gold medalist.

But nobody who is recognised as a business leader.  Nada.

Is there nobody who has made a worthy contribution?  Or are we just not including those who have?

Either way, it’s pretty telling isn’t it?