Motion Charts in Google Spreadsheets

Slightly old news, but anyway …

Motion Charts are now available in Google Spreadsheets.

These were originally made famous by Hans Rosling.  If you haven’t seen his TED talks please start here:

This seems like a solution itching for a good problem.  

These charts can easily handle five dimensions of data: x-axis, y-axis, bubble size and bubble colour + time scale.

Does anybody have an interesting and available data set like that which we could all use to play with?

Bonus points for NZ data. :-)

6 thoughts on “Motion Charts in Google Spreadsheets”

  1. Might work well for visualising some types of geology data, which can have x,y,z,time components as well as multiple attributes for each data point.

  2. I have used this type of chart to size different sub-elements of mobile internet product categories.

    Someone from McKinsey will have great suggestions I am sure :)

  3. How about volume of trades per major section (bubble size/colour) against NZ GDP (Y-axis) vs total TradeMe users (X-axis) vs time? Would see new bubbles appear for Jobs, etc as they came on stream.
    Maybe something with more fine-grained data than GDP?

  4. Epic Systems together with Beemode ( have developed a Data Visualization software “Trend Compass” almost ready to be released soon. It is an extension to Gapminder which was invented by a Swedish Professor. You can view it :

    It is a new concept in viewing statistics and trends in an animated way and viewing 4 axis instead of just the traditional X and Y axis. It could be used in analysis, research, presentation etc.

    Here are some links :
    – A project we did with Princeton University on US unemployment :

    – US Population from 2004 till 2030 for ages 0 – 83 focus on Baby Boomers and turn the Trails off (uncheck)

    – April 2008 Media Monitoring on Cars and Beverages TV ads (ads Duration vs Repetition per Day over time) :

    – Ads Monitoring on TV Sattelite Channels during April 2008. Pick Duration (Ads daily duration) vs Repeat (Ads repetition per day).

    Next one is my favourite it covers a lot (change the X and Y coordinates) and it accumulates his earnings too, 43 Million USD :

    I hope you could evaluate it and give me your comments. So many ideas are there.

    You can test the software by uploading data on our website and getting the corresponding Flash charts. This is for a limited number of users.


    Ossama Hamed

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