Elmo Love You

March 17, 2009

Talking with an American recently I referred to a third-person as: “a bit of a Muppet”.

They were obviously a bit confused about what I meant, and when I dug into it I realised that we didn’t have the same interpretation at all.

To me it was derogatory (i.e. a little gormless, unable to think for themselves). 

To them it was something else entirely (i.e. cute, uber-friendly, anxious to teach you things … like counting and co-operation).

I had to admit they had a point.

I wonder how this came about?  Why are we so negative about Muppets?

And, is it just a kiwi thing?  Or, are there other places in the world that disrespect the Muppets like this too?  (I’d be interested to hear from readers from abroad on this issue!)

Either way, be warned.  If you intend to offend pick your words carefully!