8 thoughts on “Empty”

  1. Doesn’t this mean you have reached digital nirvana?

    When the Buddha achieved enlightenment he became an aesthetic, traveling the Indian continent sharing his knowledge so that others could achieve it too.

    So… you should probably start traversing the internet dropping digitized zen koans in blog comments (“If a Twit posts an update but there are no Followers to see it, does it still make a Tweet?”). Since even eNligthened humans don’t scale very well, you should write a bot to do this (BuddhaBot has a nice ring to it).

    Of course, you’ll also have to grow your Twitter following exponentially. And you should set your background to this:


  2. Golly. I had heard that this was possible but had never really believed it.

    You might try the big Blue Room. Although the air-con has been turned to Cold today.

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