Thug vs Role Model

A quick re-cap of today’s rugby news…

  1. All Black hard man Brad Thorn praised for  “bruising tackles”
  2. Security guard under investigation for a bruising tacking on an idiot who chose to run onto the field
  3. All Black Kevin Mealamu suffers a deep cut in the opening minutes and plays the remainder of the match with blood soaked head bandage
  4. French player Mathieu Bastareaud requires four stitches to his head after being badly injured in assault, Police seek witnesses

The difference between thug and role model is not as wide as you may think.

If the security guard had used “more force than was necessary” against the people beating up Mathieu Bastareaud would he be under investigation, I wonder?

Either way, I hope the Police find the scumbags who beat up the French player outside the stadium, so we can get back to focussing on the heros who beat up the French players inside the stadium.

3 thoughts on “Thug vs Role Model”

  1. Nice observations there, when is a tackle allowed? esp when you have someone invade the pitch, good on the guard i say.
    And tell me a city in the world where it is safe to walk around on your own in the small hours…
    what are your thoughts on the ‘anti-smacking bill?’

  2. Fair enough, I guess if you make a law it has to be inclusive, what is a smack and what is a bashing? 1 smack or several, with closed hand or open.
    Like drink driving, there probably should be zero tolerance to this, as two drinks for some is two to many.

    Makes you think, imagine if we all behaved ourselves, how prosperous this nation would be!

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