Aluminium Man

December 10, 2009

Just getting my bike set up so I can live tweet my race tomorrow:

Cervelo with iPhone

If you want to follow my progress, my user name is @rowansimpson.

I don’t have a solution for my wetsuit yet, so if you have any ideas please let me know.


UPDATE, 13th Dec:

Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions.

I especially liked this, from @jontsnz:

Maybe add a sticker: “In case of accident, please press Send” so we can at least get the tweet that you wiped out writing!”


Once I get feeling back in my legs I’ll write up a longer post about the day, but in the mean time here are the tweets:

Lake not too choppy. Swimming advice from 5yo: bubble arm, bubble arm, breathing arm and repeat. 6:05am

Lake water tastes better than sea water. Did a good time. Only 111km of bike and run to go. 7:16am

Run: 16km of hope completed 5km of truth to go” 11:40am

Approx finish time 5h 48m feel great and crap at same time” 12:24pm (see Start != Finish for context)

Thanks for all your messages of support. And thanks to Emily for being on Twitter duty while I was otherwise engaged. Now, where is the spa?” 2:11pm