3 thoughts on “Flailing”

  1. Having done that swim on a choppy day, I’ll add another one for you:

    Be prepared for a rough time! The combination of swallowing salt water and a rolling swell can leave you feeling nauseous. If the going gets tough, take a moment to settle yourself and look around. Consider, what do you want to get from your journey? Do you want to reach your goal as fast as possible, or do you want to enjoy yourself along the way? The going won’t always be easy, but it’s your attitude to the adversity that will determine your happiness.

  2. Can’t speak for swimming but I certainly know the feeling of being swept away by the current of a fast-growing business. Failing to have the systems necessary to keep up with the business saw me getting pummeled in the early days.

    Older and wiser, I’ve had the chance to learn from other people who’ve done it the right way. In fact, I spoke to MOD a few weeks back about building Trade Me in an interview I featured on my site – the guy is all types of cool and gave some great advice not only for growing a business but also on how to pitch your idea to larger companies too.

    If anyone’s interested, they can check it as well as other business interviews out!

  3. +1

    I’ve often said a startup should try to ‘surf the wave’ … if you’re just off the back of the wave it takes a lot of effort to generate movement, but if you’re on the wave the movement is so much easier. But I think your analogy is better … particularly in the early stages of a startup. On a surf board you’re never really worried about death … but in a long ocean swim there is a possibility of death … and the panic this can induce can be utterly overwhelming. So it in in a startup. Imagine if your startup is failing: It’s your passion … you live in a crappy country for entrepreneurs where failure is scorned … you loath the idea of going back into the corporate workforce … it feels a lot like death or glory. Because the stakes are high, when it doesn’t go well panic can follow. And panic is a very, very bad emotion. With panic I think you’re pretty much guaranteed bad decision making.

    So +1 to the importance of staying calm.

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