8 thoughts on “Be a good dictator”

  1. Best thing I’ve read for a long while. Cheers.
    PS. Like the new (?) theme, maybe it’s been a while since I visited. : )

  2. Fantastic post. Something i’ve longed to read for a while….alas i’m not a designer, or a developer… but becoming increasingly involved with start ups and corporate innovation….

    I’ve been looking for a role to play, thanks for articulating

  3. Focus on the product, not your team’s performance. If your team is not up to your expectations, it’s your fault for not communicating effectively.

    Set generous deadlines and pay a bonus for early completion. Winners are much more productive than losers. Tight deadlines make losers; don’t use them.

    If you have a client’s user panel to help with development, make sure they consist of only the poorest performers. If your product can help them, it will help everyone in your client’s company. If the panel is only the best performers, chances are it will not improve your client’s productivity greatly.

    Measure progress on objective results, such as the number of tests successfully completed. Asking for estimates will not give you reliable reports.

    At your weekly status meetings, walk through a typical usage of your product. Seeing what you’re aiming for will help your team focus on results.

  4. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post. I especially enjoyed your points about becoming a polymath and focusing your skills for greatest success. Thanks!

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