Broadband usage still under 50%

Whenever I present to a group of technical people I always ask for a show of hands and ask these questions:

  • Who is using Internet Explorer
  • Who is using a monitor with a resolution of 800×600?
  • Who uses a dial-up connection at home?

There are usually a handful of IE users, but never any 800×600 users or dial-up users.

I do this to point out how poorly most technical people relate to “normal” users.

Meanwhile out in the real world …

According to the latest Trade Me server stats about 83% of people use one of the variants of Internet Explorer (including 1.2% on IE5.x – who are these people and don’t they know somebody, ANYBODY, who can help them to upgrade)

On the screen resolution front, there are still about 14% of people out there using an 800×600 monitor. I assume many of these people have hardware which is capable of more, but they just don’t know how to make the change, or don’t care to?

And, according to statistics reported last week over 50% of people in NZ are still on dial-up.

It depressing! But, let’s not pretend that the audience is something that it’s not.

4 thoughts on “Broadband usage still under 50%”

  1. Maybe their can’t SEE below 800×600? My parents, for eg (who I think are on IE5, as they only have Win95 on their old P266 box :) )

    I have a 1600×1200 monitor on this laptop (15″ Lenovo jobbie), and one of the guys at work can’t see the text on it. He’s fine at 1280×1024 / 19″, but anything smaller – no way.

    I’m kinda in the same boat on refresh rates:

  2. oh hell – that included a less than char… so to continue….

    If it’s under 75hz on a CRT, I get a massive headache inside of 2 hours. Nasty.

    And on the Sam-at-TED thing, I think he’s here in the SFO lounge…. If I’d met him before I’d say hi…. tho he looks like he’s working :)

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