Rich & Famous

In the spirit of Maggie from Extras

If you had to choose, which would you rather be?

  1. Rich, but unknown; or
  2. Famous, but actually poor.

The two words are used together so often, but are not synonyms.  

It seems like an easy choice.  

But, then why do so many people choose option two?

Perhaps they assume that “famous” is a stepping stone.

Although, how easy is it to go from “poor and famous” to “rich and famous”?

Are there many examples of people who have actually made that transition?  I can’t think of any.

And in the meantime, how crappy would it be to be recognised by everybody, but not actually have the income that they will probably assume you have to go with the famous face?

On the other hand, going from “rich and unknown” to “rich and famous” would be much easier, if famous was your ultimate goal.  Most people who want to be rich rather than famous will, I suspect, be quite happy with “rich and unknown”.

Interested in your thoughts…

7 thoughts on “Rich & Famous”

  1. Totally rich sans famous. No doubt about it. Especially after seeing the pap’s over here. It’s scary. No wonder the “famous” people like NZ….

    In fact, a rich hermit (is there a word for hermit-with-a-wife-who-is-also-a-hermit?), would do nicely.

  2. Rich is surely better than famous. The thing is, famous is much easier to accomplish and is more exciting.

    To become rich usually requires dedication, sacrifice, and a fair amount of hard work. People that desire fame are not usually of that profile.

    To become famous all you have to do is party a lot, hang out with the “it” crowd and you’re 1/2 way there. Fame is all about exposure–parties, press, etc.

    So why is famous even a part of this conversation? Because it’s exciting. Everybody knows you and treats you like you’re important. They want to know your opinions, want to take pictures of you. It’s a pretty cool thing.

    This is why some of the rich seek out fame, because they want that. But First Things First – You can’t out fame bankruptcy. So you better make some money first.

  3. Worst examples of Option 2 I can think of:

    Joe the plumber (usa)
    NZ Idol winners
    Lisa Lewis
    David Beckhams mistress
    and Most contestants on NZ reality shows.

    I think most of these people probably think once they become famous they will get magazine and book deals but are all disappointed when they don’t come. I would take option 1 any day! What about people who are rich and try hard to be famous they are just as annoying EG- Chris Comesky (Is he the only lawyer in NZ)and Owen Glenn. Of course if we stopped reading articles about these people and stopped watching their shows we would end the crazy celebrity industry and could then focus on people who actually make a real difference to society and never become famous nor rich for their amazing efforts.

  4. Ok this has been bugging me since i read it. I would be intrested to see what the results of the question if it were “would be rather be rich or respected ?” money is imprortant, but only when you dont have enough of it. I would guess at some point being rich hits it limit and having more money becomes trivial,(I will let every one know in a few years :) ) however I dont think you can ever have too much respect.

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