3 thoughts on “Pining for the fjords”

  1. I can attest that Rowan was the one to first pull the pin on at least 2 start-ups I’ve been somehow or other involved with, and both instances it was the right decision.

    However there is always grey area, and to me it’s in the space where decent funding would change the curve, but the effort required to get the funding may just be too much for the capacity of the founders. Not getting funding is a good sign of the end, but not asking for it due to the pain required is insufficient evidence.

  2. You know this is true not just of start ups, but of digital (and maybe non-digital) business too. How many companies do we know who are not prepared to acknowledge a product in their portfolio isn’t the star they think it is? How many companies can say their customers truly LOVE their product (or offering), vs simply buy it because they need too or similar?

    As much as start ups need to acknowledge, shut up and move on, companies need the balls as well to exit particular products or segments.

    I think another part to this puzzle, particularly here in NZ, is the distinct lack of respect for those who make these hard calls. Lance you’re opening statement is somewhat unique in the NZ space, but is a sentiment that should be endorsed.

    Move fast, test fast, fail fast, get up and move on

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