4 thoughts on “Pinch Me!”

  1. Great article!
    It’s a shame most ideas require wealth to monetise them if you know what I mean.
    Leaves a lot of good ideas shelved or stuck in conceptualisation mode.
    Imagine if there was a fast track way to help bring more small ideas to the market.
    The biggest cost to start ups is about getting exposure. The web makes this easier but it’s not perfect.

    Imagine TradeMe if it was still in the hands of its founders. It could have become a great economic driver for launching products & ventures as it has the greatest reader ship in the country.
    Much more than a walled, social Trade site.

  2. For what it is worth – even at the time, I thought that the voice/thought-bubbles in the cartoon were the wrong way around. Now I am even more sure that they were…

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